Hi everyone!

It's Sabrina and Jess and we're here to give you a quick update!
Firstly you may have noticed if you've been to our YouTube lately that we have uploaded vlogs from all of the crew (except Kris because he is lazy :)). In them we tell you a little about ourselves and some of us even answer some questions from our Q&A. 

Talking about Q&A, its back! So please please please PLEASE ask us some questions! It can be about The Midnight Man, Batfilms in general or even random questions like 'If you were stranded on an island made out of fairy floss, would you rather have a unicorn or a pegasus with you?' Sabrina would like to mention that she had nothing to do with that last question. You can ask us via our Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, in the comments below or even email us! 

Lastly, we have fabulous news. The script for our next movie 'The Legend of Lucifer Place' is done. We're not sure when we will begin filming but we will keep you updated!!

That is all for now

Sabrina and Jess

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